Zero Energy Ready Home Requirements

In looking to build a house that was net zero, one that would support itself in the environment with a net zero footprint, we needed to find a standard. There are a few out there but the one that made the most sense to us was the Department of Energy, Zero Energy Ready Home.

To qualify as a DOE Zero Energy Ready Home, a home shall meet the minimum requirements specified below, be verified and field-tested in accordance with HERS Standards by an approved verifier, and meet all applicable codes. The following criteria are summarized from those that can be found at:

Those Requirements Include:

Certified under Energy Star Qualified Homes Version 3.
Fenestration shall meet or exceed latest Energy Star requirements.
Ceiling, wall, floor and slab insulation shall meet or exceed 2012 IECC levels.
Ducts shall be located within the home's thermal and air barrier boundary.
Hot water delivery systems shall meet efficient design requirements.
All installed refrigerators, dishwashers and clothes washers are Energy Star qualified.
80% of lighting fixtures are Energy Star qualified or Energy Star lamps in minimum of 80% sockets.
All installed bathroom ventilation and ceiling fans are Energy Star qualified.
Indoor Air Quality will be certified under EPA airPlus.
Shall be Renewable Ready under Consolidated Renewable Energy Ready Home (RERH) Checklist.

AFUE 90%
Infiltration 2.5

SHGC 0.27
U value .3 (R 3.3)

Insulation levels shall meet the 2012 IECC , Grade 1 installation per RESNET standards
In Climate Zone 4, insulation level are required to be:

Basement Walls R10 continuous
Basement Slab R10
Exterior Walls R20
Roofs R49

Note: All homes at Forest Trace meet or exceed these requirements.